BeyondHQ Introduces Canada Markets Data for Corporate Hiring and Real Estate Planning Decision-Makers

3 min readJul 28, 2021


SaaS-based Workforce and Workplace Platform Now Helps HR and Real Estate Leaders Find Potential Candidates in 35 Markets Across Canada

The BeyondHQ platform provides data and insights into 35 Canadian markets.

BeyondHQ, the leader in digitized workforce and workplace planning, today announced that it now offers data on major Canadian markets to help corporate HR and real estate leaders analyze and make decisions about hiring and office space based on a number of criteria, including population size, talent availability, and office leasing costs.

The introduction of Canada Markets is in response to customer demands for analytics about the region due to the growth in engineering talent in Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver, and emerging tech hubs in many Canadian markets. The BeyondHQ platform provides data and insights into 35 Canadian markets, called CMAs or Census Metropolitan Areas. The data behind population, talent, cost, and other filters and metrics are according to definitions set forth by the Canadian government.

BeyondHQ offers the first real-time, user-driven, collaborative SaaS technology designed to help companies integrate their hiring and location planning processes in one centralized platform. Through unlimited talent and real estate analyses, the distributed workforce and workplace planning tools bring transparency, collaboration, and speed to corporate decision-makers tasked with the challenge of building and scaling geographically distributed teams and offices.

With the addition of Canadian Markets, BeyondHQ helps companies in the U.S. and Canada pinpoint areas for finding skilled talent for different roles, as well as making cost assessments for both hiring and leasing office space to support growing hybrid workforces.

Allie Meng, Co-Founder and Head of Product, demonstrates how to built projects for Canadian markets in BeyondHQ.

“We are excited to bring data about Canadian markets to our customers, many of whom are looking closely at these high-growth areas for finding new hires and possible real estate,” said Allie Meng, Co-Founder of BeyondHQ. “Canada is the first of many international markets we plan to introduce in the coming months as companies look beyond our borders to find skilled workers and set forth their hybrid work plans. With the comprehensive market data we provide across the U.S. and now Canada, corporate HR and workplace leaders are able to make the most cost-effective decisions driven by real numbers and expert insights.”

BeyondHQ: Playing a Key Role in Hybrid Work Modeling

The rise of remote and hybrid workforces is putting pressure on companies of all sizes to make informed decisions about where to find the best candidates for different jobs and how to support geographically distributed workforces.

When it comes to hiring workers and planning for additional office spaces, or hubs, to support remote employees’ needs and create an inclusive culture, BeyondHQ puts data in the hands of people and workplace teams to help them build transparency and collaboration into decision-making processes. The company’s proprietary technology provides users access to market data from a multitude of reliable sources and delivers customized recommendations based on their organization’s specific needs, priorities, and budget.

Compile your market shortlist based on location and talent requirements.

The BeyondHQ platform pulls more than 50,000 market data points from over 50 private and public sources to provide market data such as:

  • Diversity break-down across markets
  • Population size
  • Top companies
  • Talent availability on occupation and skill levels
  • Average salary

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