HR and Workplace Industry Veterans Stela Lupushor and Robert Teed Join BeyondHQ’s Advisory Board

4 min readJun 16, 2021


Data-Driven Workforce and Workplace Planning Technology Provider Gains Strong Endorsement and Strategic Guidance from Reputable Experts

Stela Lupushor and Robert Teed have joined BeyondHQ’s Advisory Board

BeyondHQ, the leader in strategic digitized workforce and workplace planning, today announced that Stela Lupushor, founder of Reframe.Work Inc., and Robert Teed, Board Member at CoreNet Global and former Vice President of Corporate Services at ServiceNow, have joined the company’s Advisory Board.

BeyondHQ’s mission is to help organizations address the challenges central to today’s dynamic hybrid work environments. The company’s workforce and workplace planning solution delivers comprehensive data and insights about the types of talent in different geographical areas, cost of living and real estate, diversity, travel, and other factors, combined with a collaborative workflow, enabling companies to make optimal decisions regarding hiring, physical office space, and hybrid work options.

“Having two such well-respected workforce and workplace leaders join our Advisory Board is a tremendous validation of our vision and potential,” said Madhu Chamarty, Co-founder and CEO of BeyondHQ.

“Our platform was designed to help companies make smarter hiring and location planning decisions with comprehensive data analysis and scenario planning tools to guide strategic and economic outcomes. The contribution of Stela’s and Robert’s expertise to our strategy and growth will help us lead the way as companies increasingly embrace evolving hybrid work models.”

Companies today face challenges with emerging hub-and-spoke workforce models and need to make smarter hiring and location planning decisions more quickly and collaboratively. Yet traditional workforce planning approaches lack external market data and flexible, rapid ‘what if’ scenario planning capabilities that support these needs. BeyondHQ delivers these features in its first-to-market on-demand platform. BeyondHQ is designed to give HR, real estate and finance leaders and their teams a fast, reliable, and transparent way to inform decisions and receive customized recommendations for scaling and optimizing the business involving talent and real estate.

Stela Lupushor, founder of Reframe.Work Inc.

“BeyondHQ is the first company I’ve seen that enables organizations to look at analytics through a human experience lens to create better experiences for their employees,” said Lupushor. “Until now, many HR professionals haven’t had access to such sophisticated technological innovations. BeyondHQ offers powerful integration with many types of data sets and puts this data and strategic recommendations into the hands of decision-makers that need it. They are changing the way companies approach workforce and workplace planning and I’m excited to be part of it.”

Lupushor has long been an HR and workforce leader and has worked for companies like IBM, PwC, TIAA, and Fidelity Investments. Currently, she heads up Reframe.Work Inc., consulting on how to create inclusive workplaces using design thinking, technology, and analytics. She leads the Strategic Workforce Planning Council at the Conference Board, is a Senior Fellow with their Human Capital Analytics Institute, and is an adjunct professor at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, to name a few of her important career milestones.

“As we shape and shift into the next way of working, BeyondHQ is creating a new toolset for HR and real estate/workplace leaders to understand together where they should hire and where they should physically locate and grow their companies,” said Teed. “Historically, this data has been like a black box owned by consultants and service providers, making it both difficult and expensive for business leaders to access.

Robert Teed, Board Member at CoreNet Global and former Vice President of Corporate Services at ServiceNow

“BeyondHQ changes the game by putting talent and ‘place’ market intelligence and insights in the hands of those who need it most, without intermediaries,” he continued. “I’ve been highly impressed with the executive team and the capabilities of the platform and am thrilled to see the much-needed innovations the company is bringing to workforce and workplace planning.”

Teed has more than three decades serving in and around workplace and employee experience and has served as the senior real estate and workplace executive for fast-growth technology leaders like ServiceNow, DocuSign and Polycom. He currently leads a thought leadership, executive coaching, and consulting practice as part of The Integri Group, and serves on the board of CoreNet Global’s Northern California Chapter.

About BeyondHQ

BeyondHQ is the first real-time, collaborative SaaS platform designed to help companies run unlimited talent and real estate analyses while saving time and money. The company’s workforce and workplace planning tools bring transparency, collaboration, and speed to decision-makers tasked with the challenge of building and scaling geographically distributed teams and offices.

As companies think more about hybrid work models and a geographically dispersed footprint, BeyondHQ enables HR, Real Estate, and Finance teams to evaluate where, why, and how to source talent or open offices. Using a single interface to access trusted market data, the proprietary technology informs ‘what-if’ style scenario planning with customized recommendations based on the organization’s specific needs, priorities, and culture.

Founded in 2019, BeyondHQ is committed to a longer-term vision of expanding technology-enabled economic opportunities in the United States, while serving as a company-wide platform for empowering people and places decisions.

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